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"Dr. P is the best doctor I have ever had. The reason is that he listens to my symptoms and figures out what is wrong with me faster and more accurately than any other doctor I have ever had, and I have had a lot of doctors in my life, some good and some bad. Dr. P stands out because he is always right. If he does not know something, he keeps running tests until he finds out what is wrong, then he sends me to the right people to fix that problem." . Susan Eustis President WinterGreen Research

"Dr. Przybylski has been my primary physician for over twenty-five years.  Through his treatment and counsel I have overcome hypertension and pre-diabetic conditions without prescription medications. I highly recommend Dr. Przybylski."

"My wife Barbara and I have known Dr. John Pryzbylski as a physician and friend for over 35 years.  We have heeded his sage advice while he was with the Lahey Clinic and now in his own practice.  Recently, I was diagnosed with a potentially serious heart defect.  Through his many strong connections at Leahy, I was able to see the best thoracic surgeon in the area within 2 days. That's clout.  We highly recommend Dr. John as one of the best internists in Greater Boston. Dr. John is the BEST OF THE BEST!"

"Easy to schedule appointment at time that was convenient for me.  Office is recently renovated and stylish.  Staff is friendly and courteous.  Dr. P spent 1 hour with me."

"Dr. Przybylski is a great  doctor with a unusually strong commitment to medicine and his patients:My husband has been going to Dr. Przybylski for 15 years. He was attracted to Dr. Przybylski's practice because he had a strong reputation in Metro West for practicing preventative medicine and for taking the time to listen to and understand a patient's concerns. Dr. Przybylski was doing preventative medicine with my husband long before it at now is accepted as a best practice.My husband has been on an aspirin regime for 15 years.His cholesterol is maintained with a MINIMUM of statins along with diet and exercise.He was talking to my husband about what foods and life style were important to maintain a healthy heart and circulatory system since the beginning.He made him get  a base line colonoscopy at age 40. Ditto with a heart scans and stress tests.Probably the crowning anecdotal statement re his commitment to preventative medicine and wellness. Dr. Przybylski has had my husband "C" reactive protein measured for years because he has continued to believe and now the rest of the medical profession is waking up to the fact that inflammation may be the major contributor to arterial disease.It does not get any better if you want a true professional partner committed to keeping you informed and healthy..."

"Dr. John L. Przybylski is a caring person and a great doctor.  We have been his patients for almost 40 years and even drive from Maine, a 4 hour round trip, to continue to see him.  He always spends as much time as we need with him, really listens to us and never makes us feel as though we  were rushed out.  He makes us feel comfortable,talks to us in laymen terms and goes out of his way to answer all of our concerns.  He is very thorough and even sends us articles and literature he thinks may help us keep physically, mentally and emotionally healthy."

"Dr. P's careful listening and diagnosis has saved my life at least twice, and his combination of preventive practices and conservative approach to treatment has made it possible for me to function relatively normally through a whole series of challenges."