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In today’s highly-charged, ever-changing healthcare environment, neither doctors nor patients are satisfied with the traditional primary care model. Physicians for Prevention (PFP) provides an innovative alternative that allows patients to develop a highly personalized relationship with their physician who can then effectively design comprehensive and individualized wellness programs for each patient. While PFP patients receive exceptional personalized care and service from their physicians, PFP physicians are able to deliver the highest quality care to their patients due to very low physician/patient ratios and the freedom from provider restrictions. According to independent analyses, the PFP-model delivers superior outcomes compared to conventional practices. The data shows that patients who choose to join a concierge practice are 65% less likely to be hospitalized, have an alarming 62% reduction in the need for surgeries, and need 50-95% less medications.

These astounding findings clearly demonstrate that despite a sicker patient population, concierge practices are not only keeping their patients healthier, they are also saving the healthcare system money during its crisis. Ultimately, health is a choice. If you consider your health to be a priority, there is no better alternative.

“Happiness lies, first of all, in health.” – George William Curtis