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Help for our Immune System- How to Shorten a Common Cold (URI)

Have you ever wondered how to shorten the flu or a common cold? It sometimes takes days or weeks to get over all the nasty symptoms. One of the reasons is that we lose our immunity (memory) from childhood illness. Our immune loses an antibody, which is it’s memory.[1]
We can bolster our immune system to fight the flu and the common cold by:
1. Vitamin D -2,000 (2 x daily)
2. Vitamin C – Ester C – lasts 24 hours in WBC (1x daily)
3. Black Elderberry –syrup, capsule, gummy, or lozenge form(2x daily)
Black Elderberry
This small dark violet berry is a native antidote for the flu and the common cold. “Pediatric research suggests that the Elderberry 3 x a day can shorten the duration and the severity of the common cold and the flu.”[2] Also, some preliminary research shows elderberry taken daily may be preventative. It may also prevent a viral infection from turning into a bacterial infection.
Hooray for Black Elderberry!!
[1] - January 2020
[2] Health Magazine - December 2019