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Exercise? After 70?

Continuing to exercise as you age can really pay off! The journal Circulation (a very reliable cardiology journal) reported that even people in their 70’s have much lower risk of heart attack and stroke with regular moderate exercise such as walking. 

“When older men and women were more active, they did much better-especially with respect to heart and brain health.” Says Dr.Dariush Mazaffariam author of Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter. 1

The exercise needed isn’t an iron man workout; it can be walking, hiking, biking, swimming and mowing or raking the lawn. Dr. Mazaffariam says “It reassures people that even after age 75, being active can make a big difference. “

4,200 men and women enrolled in a Cardiovascular Health Study average 73 at baseline (with no cardiovascular disease). The study lasted 10 years. The study participants had 1,100 cardiovascular events. More physical activity was associated with “substantially lower risk of heart attacks and stroke.” Walking lowered risk, but intensity and duration of physical activity still did county.

Younger and older adults were healthier with exercise.

In the journal Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise. Moving ten minutes a day would help you live longer. The study did not self-report exercise. They wore ultra-sensitive activity trackers for 7 days.

The least active people were five times more likely to die during that 8 year period than the most active. “You didn’t have to get a good sweat to experience the reduced likely hood of morality.” “Get moving to live longer”

Tufts Health and Nutrition Letter