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Can we Live Longer and Better? Yes, This is Possible!

People can harvest their stem cells and use them to defeat cancer (Physicians for Prevention can arrange that in our office or at your house). Also, the future holds very good promise for Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and the ability to regrow organs. This has already been done. Researchers have grown more than 20 different human organs in the laboratory such as heart, lung, liver and bones. Stem Cells have cured blind people!! Yes, life extension can be in our future. There is now healthy life extension. Medicine is discovering new ways to achieve longer and healthier life.

There are practical life extensions now in common sense, but medically proven ways to life extension are:

1. Exercise

2. Diet

3. Work-Life Balance

4. Sleep

5. Creativity in our life

These steps can prolong useful comfortable life. These will be addressed in detail in Future messages.

Emerging technologies are in development which can stop and reverse aging. Medical knowledge is doubling every three to four years. It is a brand new world. Computers with artificial intelligence are helping us move ahead. We restore cars and buildings. We are now at a place where we can restore aging people; we have to scrape off the rust! 90% of genetic code of mice is shared with people. This is an ongoing research with much promise. What is our limit 500-1000?!

We can now store the healthiest stem cells for which we can take advantage of future scientific breakthroughs. The younger the stem cells are, the more helpful they can be. My office has this available today!

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